I’ve decided to try and do the 100K meter holiday challenge from Concept2. It’s a simple challenge. Row, ski or bike erg 100,000 meters between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I started on November 30th and in just 9 days, I’d managed to get to 50K, mostly by being kind of crazy.

See, I set a goal of doing 30 minutes of rowing on Saturdays and Sundays, then going on the ski erg for another couple thousand meters, depending on how I felt on the particular day. And then another 30 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays during my exercise release at work. Plus whatever rowing I’d end up doing at CrossFit and boom. 50K in 9 days of that (from 11/30 to 12/8).

And then I got sick. I haven’t actually done a single meter since 12/8. But I know that I can do 50K in 9 days, and I have more than 9 days until the 24th. So as soon as I stop excreting mucous all over the place, I’ll be ready to get on the rest of that 100K.

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