Well, it’s the start of the third month of the year, and I’ve finally gotten around to starting and finishing a new short story. Although, to be fair, this story really feels like it could, maybe should, be a much larger work. There’s definitely more to the world that wants to come out, but I think I got a beginning middle and end to it.

Now the question is am I going to submit it anywhere? I should. But whether I will or not depends on whether I can convince myself it has a market. It isn’t quite fantasy or scifi, which are my typical go-tos when it comes to magazines. And I know one that I’ve tried to submit to in the past is shuttering soon (Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show – and, to be honest, I’m kind of glad it’s shutting down, because I never felt entirely comfortable submitting to it because of his politics).

Ambrose has read through it and concluded that it’s actually a pretty okay story in the post-apocalyptic genre. Now I have to figure out which markets might want such a story, starting with the ones that I received personalized feedback from. Although one of those is straight out because of word limits. So I’ll start with the other one, and see what happens.

And while that’s on submission, I’m close to finishing a story I started last year and the idea for another short one is percolating in my brain. I found myself taking a bit of a cooling off period on writing at the beginning of the year. I was focusing on my health perhaps a bit too much. But now I’m back into the mindset of wanting to write, which means I’ll hopefully start getting my butt in the chair and be able to finish my modest challenge of 12 works this year.

I’ve also wrapped around to getting all of my works published out wide, which means I can update my About page a bit with some new links for Kobo readers. I did end up putting the latest Hike with Me to Amazon exclusively for the first 90 days, but I’ve got a calendar item all set to put it wide as soon as that term is up. I’m also looking at putting out normal sized print editions of all the Hike with Me books to lower costs for the print editions, but I haven’t quite decided if that’s worth the effort.

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