My ankle is still bugging me. But I managed to take it on a 24 mile backpacking trip and saw the eclipse totality in the wilderness, no one around but my husband. We had an entire meadow to ourselves, and a full view of Mount Everly. Well, technically, we had a little company. A small plane was flying overhead and managed to sneak itself into my totality pictures. I actually think it adds something to them.

Totality and airplane. I don’t have the best camera (or camera skills) for this shot.

And after my husband and I returned from the trip, I tried giving my ankle a few more days of rest to see if it would finally stop hurting.

It wouldn’t, so I’ve moved on to another tactic. I’m getting back into my exercise routine. I’m going to do my best and take what care with my ankle that I need to, but I’m back going to cross fit and the gym.

I keep wondering if I should have gone to the doctor about it. Or if it would be worthwhile to go now, since my ankle is still hurting and its been several weeks. But at this point, I’m thinking I’ll just gut it out. Give it support, ice now and then, stretch it and do ankle abc’s.

Yesterday at cross fit, I read a quote written on one of the chalkboards:

Accept your circumstances. Accept exactly where you are and strive for progress. Stay present and fall back in love with the process of getting better. Because focusing on the future can destroy us. – Michael Cazayoux

It really hit home to me that I need to accept that right now, my ankle isn’t 100%, but I’ll get it there. I just need to do what I can and focus on healing and improving.

Easier written than done.

But I’ll try.

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