Recently, the voicemail app on my phone updated. Voice to text used to be a premium service, but it appeared after the last update. I have quite a few messages from my mother that I haven’t listened to, sitting in my voicemail box because when I see a message longer than 2 minutes, I blanch. And when I see a 5 minute message, I lose the will to continue to listen.

Besides, my mother will most likely not remember that she left me a message and will repeat whatever it was that she took 5 minutes to say the next time we speak.

But now, I can read the messages she leaves instead of listening.

And there’s just something wonderfully poetic about the app’s interpretation of her words.

I’m seriously considering never answering the phone when she calls again. I mean, I’ll call her back, but I’m just getting so much entertainment value from this:

Hey Ambrose and Jeanne.
I guess you’re not there now.
Sorry I’m still waiting for Connie which-i-think-she’s coming.
I’m not getting my cell phone.
I told Peter I need it in writing.
I know how to do it the same thing happened-when we were trying to reach you in the computer and they give me the written paper that ready-whenever you get computer is.
Anyway thanks.
Love you.
Bye bye. 

*snap* *snap* *snap*



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