Getting sick really threw me off schedule for my writing, but I think I can still get all the books I wanted to publish done before the end of the year. I’ll just need to focus and make sure that I kick my husband off the computer as often as I need to.

I’ve got everything I need to finish and publish the Hike with Me on the most recent trip to the Olympic Coast, and I’ve done all the workouts that I wanted to do for the CrossFit book. Those I plan to get published this weekend. Then I just need to finally finish writing the September ICT segment that I did and pick photos and get that all put together.

That last one will take some serious time, but I’m going to have a whole week off of work over the holidays, so there’s no reason I can’t get it all done before the new year. And then I’ll have published six books in one year which would be a new record for me. I can’t believe I have so many Hike with Me books now, but doing three in one year will really bump up the overall total.

As my cold is fading away, I’m starting to feel my stomach again. I kind of hoped that I would just be sick through the adjustment period and the Prozac would be working by the time I felt better, but it was not to be. I’m back to feeling painfully bloated and gassy. But I’m not feeling the side effects as much, so that’s something. Tomorrow will be four weeks, and I’m supposed to give it four to six to start working, so I really hope it starts working soon.

Even with being sick, I’ve been keeping up with my Spartan training workouts. I’ll have to take a week off of those when my gym is closed for the holidays, but other than that, I want to keep steady on it. I know that it takes time and consistent effort to get results, which is why I started training in November for a June race. If I could be half as disciplined with my writing, I’d have dozens of novels by now…

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