We planned on going to Blackmare Lake, but we had also prepared ourselves for the possibility that it wouldn’t be possible with the snow levels.

Starting out from Kennally Creek Campground a couple hours before sunset. 

Less than a mile out, okay, maybe a little closer to sunset than I thought. 

We camped after the first junction, but before the trail started to head uphill. 

Heading out to Blackmare Lake! Will we make it? 

Hiking up towards the sunrise. 

Still a bit chilly even though the sun is fully up. 

I’ve never seen this crossing so deep. Usually we can rock hop it, but this trip the crossing was boots off. 

The huckleberries were nowhere near ripe. 

Snow! On the ground! I still get excited seeing that. 

Ah, more snow. Over the trail. That’s okay. 

Time to head up the no trail and find out if we’re going to Blackmare. 

It’s hard to see from this picture, but the answer is “Nope”. The trail heading down has snow on it, and a slip from that trail would land us on some rocks. We both agreed it wasn’t a good bet. 

But that doesn’t mean we turned back! On to Stump Lake!

Usually this trail has a couple easy little step over creeks. Not this time! 

We managed to keep our boots on, but it wasn’t always easy. 

The snow continued to increase as we hiked higher and higher. 

Lovely little snow well. 

I found the trail! After I lost the trail and took us haring off to high ground away from the snow for a while. 

We made it to Stump Lake!

And the only place clear and flat enough to pitch a tent was the same small space that we used when we ended up here last time in 2014. Also on the way to Blackmare Lake, but from the other direction. 

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