After I got my blogs wrapped up, I got right into writing for the book. I have been keeping up the 1000 words minimum per day for the most part. I did take last weekend off, not doing any writing on Saturday and Sunday when Ambrose and I were camping to celebrate my birthday. But except for that weekend, I’ve been hitting the words since October 2nd.

I almost write this more to remind myself than to tell anyone else. I’ve done my thousand words so far on days when I felt exhausted. Days when I’ve felt ill. Days when I’ve had no desire or inclination to hit the desk. 

And I’ve often found that once I start writing, I get excited. Not always a thousand words at a time excited, but spurts of three hundred to five hundred words are happening more and more frequently as I get into the swing of things. Yesterday, when I was writing about the first backpacking day, I referenced something I’d done the day before and realized I’d forgotten to write about that. On with a burst of writing! 

I truly love reliving my trip with the process of writing a book. I look at the pictures and remember the feeling of the sun and wind, the smells of forest and meadow, the thrill of finding cold water on a hot afternoon. . .

As of the end of the day Tuesday, I’m 9604 words into this year’s book. Considering I’ve only just started writing about the backpacking portion of the trip, I’m thinking this might be a long one. I’ll just have to write it and find out. 

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