Well, it took Ambrose a while to read through the printed copy, but he finished over the weekend. I like to think he was being thorough, but I was a bit frustrated at the wait – especially because there were less than half a dozen errors. With all the time he was taking, I thought it would be a whole lot more.

Now the ball is in my court; I’ve got to make corrections to all four templates (standard print, large print, Kindle ebook, and Smashwords ebook – because of course the ebooks have to be formatted differently). Oh, and before I send the mailed copies off, I’ve got to make manual corrections to those, which, of course, will only increase their value as they will be limited editions, right? Hand corrected by the author, that’s fancy.

And then I can get all the copies mailed out, and then I can republish everything. Once everything is republished, I’ll go ahead and start putting my books onto the Books by Johnnies website, to give some additional reach to them. And also post on Facebook that the book is done and oh-so-pretty.

And after I’ve gotten all the publishing busy work out of the way, I’ll just have to get back to writing, taking what I’ve learned and trying new stories. I did not come anywhere near writing twelve stories last year, and I’m alright with that. But I think the goal is worth shooting for again, this time with the focus being on trying different things with each one. To focus, here on character, there on setting, here on layers, there on mystery…

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