It’s amazing to me how fast this project starts to move once I have all the pieces laid out in front of me. The arrangement of the photos and the words into the Word document template takes time, but not nearly as much as the prior steps of writing and creating the photos and captions.

I wanted to get the book published before 2020, and I did. The large print first, then the standard sized print, and then the ebook through Amazon and then the ebook through Smashwords. The only snag in the execution of my plan was that I found a typo in one of the photo captions as I was working on the ebook document – and AFTER I had submitted the two paperback interiors. So I had to wait until they were approved and then resubmit so that the typo would be resolved before I ordered copies to give for late Christmas gifts.

The book is laid out initially for the large print, and because there are so many photos, I have to really retool the entire look when I change over to the standard sized print. I end up with a book that has some long page runs of photos, but I think it still works. I’ll have to reserve judgment until I get one of those copies and hold it in my hands.

My next little project will be to create standard print sized versions of all of my Hike with Me series books. And to re-submit the covers for the existing large print editions with a “Large Print” sticker that I created for just that purpose. Maybe I should start publishing public domain works in large print and see if there’s a market. . .

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