The write up of my solo trip is going along nicely. I should be finished with the initial draft in the next week or so, which works well with my schedule. I’ll be completely done with Spanish class as of 12/12, and my office will be shut down between Christmas and New Years, leaving me with plenty of time to work on polishing the draft, formatting the pictures, and laying out the book.

I find once the words are done and ready, the rest of the book comes together more easily. The formatting of the pictures and their captions takes time, but not the same kind of effort that the writing of the main narrative requires. I’m looking forward to doing the pictures because it’s work that is creative but also comfortingly repetitive. The pictures need to be formatted to a certain size, occasionally cropped or otherwise manipulated, but these are tasks that I’m used to doing by now. 
Coming up with captions can sometimes be a bit tricky, but it’s still not that difficult for me. Especially when I have my husband to bounce ideas off of as I’m working. 
The hardest part about the pictures is going to be selecting which photos to include. I took over 1000 pictures. Even if I take away all the blurry ones, of which there were quite a few because I was in “hike fast” mode, I’ll still have a ton of shots that I won’t be able to include in the book. 
But that’s part of why I leave the pictures for after the writing. Whatever form the narrative takes, I’ll be able to find the pictures that illustrate and compliment that. This time, I’m less focused on narrating every step and more focused on telling an interesting story. There are some interesting tidbits that I don’t think will be in the text, but I will include them in a picture with a little caption. Almost as if the pictures and their captions will have “extra” story in them, parallel to the narrative. 
I use the pictures while I write. They help remind me of what happened when, and, quite frankly, they make me smile. Until I get to the point of picture choosing and editing, I’ll just  have to keep chipping away at the story of each day – and put some caption notes on the pictures as I scroll by. 

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