I have not been getting as much work done on the book as I wanted. I’ve instead chosen to take some time at the start of winter break to relax and recuperate. I’m mostly over being ill at this point, but Ambrose got the pretty bad cold that had been plaguing me. I really hope we don’t pass it back and forth. 

And yet, bit by bit, the pieces are coming together. All the photo plates for the book are ready to place. I’ve got my data for the headers, and I just need to finish putting together the design. Then it’s a final read through of Ambrose’s comments and then putting all the pieces together. Oh, and the cover. 

Yeah, it’s not getting published this calendar year, but it will definitely be published in January. I’ll take that as a sign that I’m getting back on track. Ideally, next year’s book will be finished in time to be Christmas gifts again. I just need to stay healthy and make sure I start focusing on my writing early. 

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