When I was in high school, I didn’t like my eyebrows. Too thick, a tendency to grow together, and just so dark. But I also didn’t like makeup and other such feminine rituals. My mother never taught me much about such routines, though she wore makeup and used Clinique cleansers and lotions. So I never really had one, but I’ve been plucking my brows for about the last decade.

When I first got them done to the point that I liked them, a nice little swooping curve, I continued to pluck at that line and never looked back.

But I have started to have trouble with plucking the hairs. The left eyebrow especially gives me problems, with hairs being harder to pull and a tendency towards ingrown hairs. My eyesight is poor enough that I need to be holding a mirror about two inches from my brow with one hand while wielding the tweezers in my right. It’s not comfortable.

And so, after a long backpacking trip where I didn’t tweeze at all, I decided to see what the heck I look like without plucking. It’s not all grown in yet, but I am taking it as a sign that the day after I decided to try this, a white brow hair appeared, as if out of nowhere.

I figure, if I don’t like how it looks, then I can spoil myself with a professional waxing or something to get back to the plucked style. Or, I might discover that the brows that I used to consider ungainly and too thick are just… me.

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