The bog in the morning. 

A little water across the trail. 

The junction! Not far to Lodgepole Creek from here. 

Next year, we’ll check out Upper Ramey Meadows. 

Bear grass near the trail. 

The fallen logs are a legacy of an old fire, but the young trees are growing up fast. 

More bear grass above Lodgepole Creek.

I know better this year than to stop at this trickle. 

This branch of Lodgepole Creek is where it’s at. 

Ambrose adjusting his pack. It’s just five miles to Chamberlain Air Strip from here. 

These purple flowers had a strong perfumey scent. 

I’m fairly certain this is a trail junction, leading down to Lower Lodgepole Meadow that I couldn’t find last year.

I wish those trees would hurry up and grow tall enough to cast some shade. 

This bird and I startled each other on the trail. 

But she hung around long enough for a good portrait. 

I chose this ashy site for lunch because of the shade. 

Ambrose caught up to my eventually.

We can just about see the air strip from here. 

In the distance here, the naked eye can just make out a bump on top of a distant mountain. That bump is the lookout atop Sheepeater Mountain.

Come on, clouds, shelter me from the sun!

We’re getting so close!

Down off the ridge. 

Almost to the bridge!

Chamberlain Creek!

One last haul up the slope to our campsite for the day. 

Even Ambrose made it in plenty of time – before 2pm. 

We lazed around all afternoon napping (Ambrose) and reading (me), but I did pitch the tent eventually. 

No planes at the air strip today. 

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