My class is done with for the semester, but I am finding that I have more than enough work to keep me occupied at my job. That’s a good thing. I’d hate to feel bored at work. 
Or so I keep telling myself. Okay, okay, so my husband keeps reminding me. 
The focus of my writing is now turning to finish the next Hike with Me book. The text has been drafted and reviewed. The hard part is going to be winnowing down the photos to a reasonable number. I’m a little more wary of putting in as many photos as possible, because of the lessons I’ve learned putting the other two books into expanded distribution. 
After a long time of sticking with Amazon only, I finally decided to go ahead and distribute elsewhere. I wasn’t selling very much on Amazon. Not that these books are really about sales, but maybe the people who want to read them only frequent Barnes and Noble or iBooks. I won’t know unless I try. 
The sticking point with expanded distribution was that one distributor, Smashwords, won’t take files larger than 10MB. Supposedly, there’s a way to go up to 20, but I couldn’t get it to work for my Queens River file that, with all its pictures as compressed as possible, won’t get smaller than 13MB. I ended up using Draft2Digital for Queens and Smashwords for Stump Lake. 
I’m not paying much attention to whether they’re selling at the moment, but it was quite a delight to see them available in so many places. 

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