This semester, I’m taking a class on Creative Nonfiction. So far, I’m enjoying it. The teacher has been with the university for more years than I’ve been alive. Compared to last fall, when I was in the guinea pig group for a new, last minute replacement adjunct, that alone is wonderful.

But there are other aspects of the class that I’m finding useful. We write each class session, even if it is just fast writing in response to an excerpt from an essay in the text. The homework isn’t burdensome, at least, not yet, and it keeps me writing.

Last semester, when I dedicated myself to the insane project of writing over 80 blog entries in response to the readings we did, I got a lot of practice in writing. But more is always better. I am tuning my writing, honing my skills and keeping up with my Hike with Me book.

I’ve had my smart phone for a little over a year now, and it is only in the last few weeks that I’ve started exploiting it for my writing. Yes, the screen is small and the typing is awkward, but the words come quickly and I can use the time waiting for class to start to just write.

Writing about the trip energizes me to write in class. Writing for homework feeds into writing for the trip. Writing begets writing, and, I hope, better writing.

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