I was glad today to take the day off of the WOD and just do the yoga class. The stretching and breathing really help me feel more mobile afterwards, less like I’ve been beaten to a pulp. I appreciate taking the time to take care of my body, instead of just trying to recreate it with the hard exercises of Crossfit.

I can see differences on my body. Not just the bruises and scrapes – I can see more muscle definition on my arms and legs. And my stomach appears to be losing some fat as well. I can almost see that six-pack I’ve always told my husband was hiding under there.

The physical challenges of Crossfit are obvious, but the mental ones are just as important. I felt embarrassed at first yesterday to have to go for 30 rounds to make my 10,000 pounds. I thought about offering to stop, so I wouldn’t keep everyone. But there was no time cap set. And I was not going to quit, even if the thought did occur to me…

But no one gave any indication that they thought my finishing was a bad idea. All I got was encouragement and support, so my embarrassment did fade away as I grunted and breathed and swore my way through the last rounds and reps.

I was a bit worried about the yoga today because of the bruise on my shin. I figured there might be poses that put weight on it, but it turned out that we didn’t do anything that put pressure on it directly. There were some difficult sections, but I left feeling much better than when I arrived.

Except, when I got home, I felt very cold. I wrote it off as just a reaction to the temperature outside, but as the afternoon wore on, I had to concede that my husband’s cold had caught up with me. So now I’ve got sore muscles from Crossfit crazy and body aches from a cold. Oh, and a multicolored shin bruise the size of my hand.

I’m still going to go to Crossfit tomorrow.

Am I crazy?

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