I finally got myself to another CrossFit class at Four Rivers CrossFit in Fruitland last Saturday. I hadn’t gone since November because of a cold, or series of colds, that kept me out of commission for most of December and part of January. I’m glad I was able to go in before the Open started, because I do intend to participate in that. I’ll probably be doing mostly scaled workouts for the Open, but that’s fine.

The workout worked out well for me, because it was simple and not heavy. Rowing and shoulder to overhead, in an EOMOM format, with 10 shoulder to overhead being the “buy-in” to get to the rower and do max calories in the time remaining in the minute. Everybody else was partnered up and sharing a rower, but I had one all to myself. I got less calories overall than the pairs, but I also got to sit on the rower longer after I was done, since I didn’t need to clear the way for a partner.

I’m looking forward to doing the Open at Four Rivers, which will be on Friday nights, but I’m also hoping to get myself over to Arbor for at least one of the Open workouts. They do theirs on Sundays, so I could potentially go to both in the same week.

After the CrossFit workout, my left ankle felt a bit wonky, but I think it was a good thing. It was as if the pounding I gave it from both rowing and a whole lot of push pressing shoved something out of place, or maybe back into place. The sensation passed over the next few days. I suspect that the pounding was helpful, in that it broke past some position habits on my feet, but I don’t want to do it too frequently before I finish the Knee/Foot/Ankle Level 1 with Move U.

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