I enjoy coffee. I especially enjoy a nice, strong, black coffee. But I had to start using creamer so my tummy wouldn’t complain about the acidity so much. 

And then, my husband noticed my hands were trembling one day. I told him it was likely due to caffeine, because that’s the simplest explanation. But I also figured it might be time for a caffeine break, just to see if the trembling persisted.
It wasn’t too difficult this time, because I haven’t been drinking coffee every day, instead switching between green tea and coffee. So I did one week where I just drank the green tea and then stopped caffeine completely. 
That technique allowed me to avoid the caffeine withdrawal headaches that I typically go through when stopping caffeine. I’ll be sure to use it in the future. 
I’ve now been without caffeine for about two weeks. I haven’t noticed trembling continuing, but I’ll have to defer to my husband since he pays a lot of attention to things I sometimes don’t notice. 
It’s always strange when I get off caffeine and realize I don’t really need it to wake up. But then, once I start drinking it again, I have that need for my wake up coffee. I’ll enjoy being off of it while I’m off, but I also enjoy that flavor. 
And, no, decaf just isn’t the same for me. 

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