Dang it! I was all in on just pushing myself to work out and getting through the mild winter crud that my body has been wading through since early October. I was making it work for like four days, and then I got really sick AGAIN. 

And this one was a doozy. Days of not working and a whole weekend of cuddling heating pads to my chest and horking. I did the at home Covid test and came up negative, twice, so I don’t know what this is other than miserable. 

I’m hoping this won’t linger too long, but with the way this season has been going it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s probably not the flu either, since I got the flu shot this year at the same time I got my Covid booster, back in late October. Though it could be a strain of the flu that wasn’t in this year’s shot, I suppose. I don’t recall ever having the flu before, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. 

There wasn’t a fever, so that’s good. Just so much phlegm. . . 

It even took me two days to remember that my dad had recommended using a heating pad on the chest to help break up chest congestion. I’d been using the heating pad on my lower abdomen only before that, because this illness coincided with my period – just for a little extra fun. 

Now I’ve got to wait until this clears my body before getting back to CrossFit. I’m really hoping to get in a workout on Friday. I’ll focus on recuperating until then. And I really want to be better by Christmas, because I want to do a hike on that day, maybe up Lucky Peak or just up in the foothills. 

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