Last week I decided to try a radical change to my diet. What I was doing wasn’t working, and my husband had before suggested that I just switch to backpacking food and see if that helped. I didn’t want to do that before, because I felt like it was “wasting” food for me to do that.

But last week, the pain got bad enough that I chose the change over the status quo. Ambrose got really excited about the food I’d be eating, especially the Spam and eggs for breakfast. I wasn’t as excited, in part because I was afraid that the new diet would be worse than the old diet. But I was ready to try the change.

The first couple days, my pain levels were pretty much the same as they’d been. I did continue to poop, which was good considering my usual digestive issue is constipation. I ended up feeling more gassy, but my overall pain levels have definitely decreased with eating backpacking food instead of what I had been eating.

I’ll be continuing this diet through tomorrow evening, and then I plan to try something different so I don’t eat all of our backpacking food during the off season. I’m not sure what this next iteration will be, but based on my reaction to a backpacking biscuits and gravy, I think it might be time to cut out dairy and see if that helps.

I could stick with eggs and a meat for breakfast, skip the milk and Cheerios. Then eating whatever protein my husband cooks as part of lunch and dinner and bars for snacks. I think I’ll settle on something like that, between backpacking food and what I had been doing.

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