The weather in Boise is not normal February weather. Too warm. Too wet.

The nearby foothills trails have experienced intermittent closures without the compensating factor of freezing temperatures. See, if it freezes overnight, then there’s a time in the early morning when you can hike on the frozen trail, but with no overnight freezing, there’s no frozen trails, just muddy trails.

But it has been drier lately. And it doesn’t look like there’ll be much rain this week. So I’m going to give into my inexplicably-early-spring fever and take a hike on Saturday. Maybe just up to Table Rock, maybe up to Lucky Peak. My husband suggested Table Rock when he reminded me that Saturday is a shopping day, and I told him I didn’t need to hike all day. But I’m faster than him. Lucky Peak isn’t an all day hike. It’s just 11 miles. Or so.

Though Table Rock is probably the more sensible option. I haven’t hiked in a while because of the warm, wet winter so far. Last time we went up Lucky Peak was in October.

But it really doesn’t matter which one I take. I have to get out there and haul myself up a steep hill and breathe the whipping wind from the top. I prefer Lucky Peak because it doesn’t tend to draw crowds, whereas Table Rock without people during the day is pretty rare. Especially with the lovely weather we’ve been having. Weather that in no way belongs in February.

But here it is. So I’m going to get outside.

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