A while ago, I’d heard there was a Peruvian restaurant in Kuna, ID (Lima Limón). My father grew up in Peru, so I have a certain interest in the cuisine. In particular, I was hoping to try their lomo saltado, because I haven’t had that dish in over ten years. And the last time I had it, I made it, so it wasn’t very authentic. I mean, I never actually learned how to make it from my dad. I just remember enjoying it when he made it, so I looked a recipe up online.

So when my husband was wrapping up a seven day in a row, 800 or more calories in an hour treadmill challenge on a Saturday, I figured that would be the perfect time to go and check the place out. I could drive him out for a little celebration lunch and then drive out to the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area for a little shakedown hike with my new hiking clothes while Ambrose napped in the car.

Ambrose headed to the gym by 8 am on Saturday and I waited for his return at home. I expected him to be home by 10 at the latest, so I prepared myself accordingly. I got ready to go, but not too ready, and watched some TV and waited. 
And waited. 
He got home closer to 11, because he had been sharing exercise knowledge at the gym. And resting and recovering enough to drive. I hurried him into the shower and got us going, because according to the information I’d looked up, the place opened at 11 on Saturdays. 
Well, not this particular Saturday. After all my worry about getting there and finding the place, I managed to navigate the traffic circle near downtown Kuna and arrive at around 11:30 to find the restaurant had a handwritten sign on the door that indicated they would open at noon. And I’m pretty sure google knew that too, and I should have listened when my map app told me the place wouldn’t be open. But I was too eager. 
So we waited in the car until just about noon and then stood out front and waited some more, because Peruvians are notoriously late. But it was worth the wait. 
I got to witness Ambrose’s first taste of Inca Kola and have an incredibly delicious lomo saltado. Ambrose had a creamy shrimp dish that was also good, I suppose. But it was no lomo. 
If I can ever get my dad to visit, I’ll be taking him there. And in the meantime, I definitely intend to go back and try some more of the menu – and next time I’ll save room for dessert. 

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