It’s funny. I know, from past experience, that once I get started on the book, it’s going to go quickly. But, the hard part is getting started. Part of the problem is that I share a computer, and my image processing software is a resource hog so my husband likes to shut it down when I’m not using it. That’s fair, but doesn’t help me with jumping into the work since the program also takes some time to start up.

And maybe it’s more fair to state that rather than it being a problem, it’s more like that’s one of the excuses that my brain has been inventing for not starting to work.

It doesn’t help that I’ve learned that my mom can’t really read anymore. There’s a part of me that feels so very sad about that. What’s the point of making this book, that was originally for her, when she can’t read it, probably can’t see it, and, quite frankly, doesn’t always remember who I am?

But the book isn’t just for her. It’s for me. And while she might not be capable of reading it or enjoying it, I know that my dad really likes the books, and my in-laws, too. It’s a record, and an accomplishment, and a pretty neat thing to make.

In theory, anyone could do just what I’m doing. Write up a trip, add photos to a template layout and publish a book. But not everybody does it. It does take some effort and skill to do all of those steps myself. And the books bring in steady coffee money.

So I just need to get my butt in the chair and get to work. Everything else will flow from that, and I will be ready to publish before the new year.

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