This morning at CrossFit, before we got started, some people were talking and someone mentioned that this was the last workout of the decade. And I thought back to where I was a decade ago, athletically speaking. I couldn’t do a pull up and would never have imagined that that was something that I would be able to do. In 2010, I had a different job, and I’d barely started running, let alone backpacking or CrossFitting.

Athletically speaking, I am improved in every way since a decade ago. I’m stronger and faster and I have more skills. It’s been a good ten years, and I’m looking forward to finding out what I’ll be able to do in ten more years. Because I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to turn back. I might always be the slowest person at CrossFit, but I will continue to improve upon myself.

I use CrossFit to help me stay in shape for backpacking. Increasing my strength makes the load of the pack easier to bear. I could feel the difference from the first trip Ambrose and I took on the coast to the second. My core was so much stronger, and it made a significant difference to the way that I navigated across slippery rocks while carrying a 40 pound pack. But CrossFit is also something that I enjoy for itself. The community is great, and I love not knowing exactly what I’ll be doing day to day for the workout.

This summer, I plan on doing another coast hike with Ambrose, and a solo hike on the Idaho Centennial Trail to wrap up the section through the Frank Church. We’ve arranged for me to get a ride up to Dry Saddle on the Magruder Corridor, so we don’t have to worry about renting a vehicle better suited to the road than our Focus. I’m going to be focusing on those hikes in my preparation. No Spartan Race this year, because as fun as I find obstacle course races, I prefer backpacking. It’s much less crowded, and can be just as challenging.

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