I finished up the first draft of this year’s book. It came in just under 35,000 words, which is longer than I expected. I’m glad it wasn’t even longer than that, but its length may well fluctuate after I go through Ambrose’s comments. 

I’m not resting on my laurels though; I took one day off and then got right to work choosing the pictures. I’m hoping to spend a good amount of time tomorrow doing picture related tasks. I’ll choose the photos to include, then create the pages for the book. I also need to create the headers for each chapter. 

I changed my headers for the last few books, and I think this new way is much better. It’s more difficult for me to do, but I think it’s worth the effort. It helps readers get a better idea of the distances and elevations that I’m hiking each day. 

This book definitely won’t be ready in time for Christmas gifting, but I’m still holding out hope to get it published this calendar year. It doesn’t make a huge difference if it is or isn’t, but I want to finish this up so that I can move on to other projects. I need to get a handle on how to work with the GoPro over this winter, and start putting up more videos. I also want to port my blogs over to my website. I have plenty of things to do! 

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