Well, I’ve run into yet another roadblock, but at least I’m running again. I mean, I ran on Sunday, even if it was just for a couple of miles. And I tried to run yesterday, but my heel started hurting badly after about two blocks, so I limped home and tried to figure out where the pain was coming from. Prodigious self massage revealed some sore and tight spots on my calf. When I rubbed those out, the heel pain faded, and I was able to do CrossFit this morning. 

I also did CrossFit yesterday; I’m unsure if that contributed to the calf tightness, but I’m going to skip CrossFit tomorrow morning in the hopes that I will have more energy and be able to run without that heel pain cropping up again. I’ll try for a couple miles during lunch and see how that goes. 

Also, I want to make sure I’m in decently rested shape on Friday for the last workout of the Open. I’ve missed doing the first two workouts, and that sucks, but there really wasn’t any way around it for me this year. I have to accept and forgive, because resenting it would just be spending energy on something I can’t change. 

I want to put my energy towards keeping up with my weight loss, and getting back into my regular CrossFit and running routine. 

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