Why look! I made a book. Lovely. 


Ahem, yes, so there it is. Proof! Actually, it is the proof copy. I don’t have any of the “real” copies in yet, but it is available for sale in both print and ebook formats (two separate links for now – supposedly they will merge at some point, perhaps after I contact Amazon and poke them).

It turns out that full color, 8.5×11, 230 page books are quite expensive for print on demand. But that is how I wanted the book. Full color, for sure, because the pictures are very pretty; 8.5×11 to make it easier to read and hold; and 230 pages is mostly the result of making it large print. I probably could have fit it down to 140 or so in a smaller font.

But that would have defeated the purpose of the book being able to be read by my mom.

And, the purpose behind the book, which is doing it my way, because I want to. Because I can. And because publishing non-fiction makes the idea of publishing my fiction just a little bit easier. I’m planning on publishing another short non-fiction work sometime in February before I start to focus more on school work.

After that will come publishing some fiction. Something weird and fun where I stop taking myself personally and/or seriously. Practice, to put out there so I can prove to myself that I am practicing, and so I can learn about self publishing by doing. By practicing.

It’s a scary idea, but so was CrossFit, and I’m having a great time with that.

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