Blogger is being difficult. I had a bunch of pictures uploaded and ready for captioning for the Tour de Meadows Day 4 post, but all the jpgs are breaking and I can’t re-upload and even the jpgs on the page that I’m using to edit this post is broken, so I’m totally blaming Blogger for these issues. I don’t want to post that write up without the full slate of pictures, so here’s an update on my goals for the year, and the Spartan Plan.

The first goal was completed back at the end of the 2018 CrossFit Open. That goal was to complete 2 or more workouts in the Open as prescribed (Rx). I completed all 5 Open workouts Rx.

The second goal has also been achieved, as I had a witnessed set of 12 kipping pull-ups back in June and have since done a set of 12 linked in a workout (where I did 21 in under a minute, woo!).

The third goal was to hike the section of the Idaho Centennial Trail that would link my prior two sections. That one is also done, and plus, because I also hiked as far as I could into the Frank Church and still get picked up by my husband (with a hefty dose of luck considering he had to break an evacuation to get to me).

And the fourth goal is complete as well, because I finished the Boise Spartan Sprint in June. Gosh, I didn’t leave myself much more to do this year?

Well, I do have an unofficial goal of making Commitment Crew at Arbor CrossFit every month in 2018. And I’m 10 for 10 so far, with 2 months to go. So I’m still reaching for that goal at least.

And after the Spartan Race, I came up with a plan to do better next year. Because doing 210 out of a possible 240 penalty burpees might technically count as finishing, but I want to do better.

That plan was to get some personal training in October in order to start doing extra workouts specific to what I need to improve in the Spartan Race. That’s mostly the upper body stuff that involves holding my own weight up. And I have done that. I’ve already completed a week of my new training routine and I’m sore all over.

The next step on that plan is to sign up for the race, but that will wait for January when they have the New Year’s sale. So I’m on track for my Spartan Plan.

I guess another goal would be to stick with my personalized exercise plan and make sure to get out to the archery range with a spear at least once a month. And to haunt playgrounds every now and then to practice my monkey bars!

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