It’s time to stop thinking about doing pull ups. Wanting to do pull ups. Thinking I could never do pull ups.

It is time to start working on a plan and adjusting based on the results of concentrated effort. It is time to stop thinking that I am incapable of doing a pull up.

So, after extensive reading, I’m going to start a program, work on it for four weeks, and evaluate. If I feel that I’m getting results, then I’ll keep working. If not, then it will be time for a different course of action. So, three days a week I will be doing body weight rows, 3 sets of 8 with a 1 to 2 minute rest between sets. I will alternate between chin up grip and pull up grip by day.

Since I’m limited in the height to which I can raise the bar, I’ll start with bent leg assistance and try to move to straight leg and then single leg before lowering from the backs of the chairs to the arms, and then to the seat.

Yes, I am turning two chairs in my office into a gym. Because otherwise I won’t get this done.

I’ll keep on doing Crossfit  and running and training for backpacking by hiking up to Lucky Peak with a loaded pack. But I’m going to make a focused effort on getting my chin over that bar by means fair or foul.

Just kidding. I’m all about the fair means.

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