With the gentle encouragement of my husband, I really pushed last Saturday to get writing done on my solo book. I managed to write over 6000 words in two long sessions, and I was ready to write more on Sunday and really make a dent in things. 

But I got sick. 


It seems like every time I visit the Rec Center, I end up sick the next weekend. That interferes with my going to CrossFit, and getting into the office. So between that, and the fact that Rec can no longer guarantee me hot water for showers, I’m going to be discontinuing my visits there until further notice and do my running from home – because even if it’s cold outside, I KNOW my shower has hot water ready and waiting for me when I’m done. 

So I spent all day Sunday out of commission, and then most of Monday. No fevers, so that’s good, just general malaise and post-nasal drip. 

I am heartened though, by that good chunk of work last Saturday. I know I can write in big chunks like that, and it won’t take too many of those long sessions to wrap up the writing portion of the book. I haven’t reached out to the several people that I collected emails from this summer, though I finally did send one yesterday. 

I think one of my hesitations is that I sent emails to two folks that I met last year on the trail and never got replies, but all I can do is continue to try. I mean, I did collect more of those emails this year, so maybe my odds of getting a reply will improve – IF I send them! 

If not this weekend, then no later than next weekend, I should be done with the draft of the writing. Then it’s time for Ambrose to do his read through, and I’m going to be a little more pushy on him about that. I want him to tell me where I can add more to make the scenes come alive, rather than just looking for typos and logical consistency. Then pictures and layout and before I know it, publishing. 

That’s the plan!

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