I’d managed to go quite a while without getting a bad headache. That streak ended over the weekend.

I’ve come up with a new theory on them. I know that my jaw has been ground down a bit from tooth grinding – enough that even I could see it on the x-ray. And I’ve heard that some people get weather aches in bones that were previously broken. Therefore, if I get a headache when the rains come, and that headache radiates out from that very jawbone…

Unfortunately, that hypothesis would mean there’s not a whole lot that I can do to alleviate things, at least not that I have found. Maybe if I could flee to a hyperbaric chamber? I feel like I’ve tried so many things to treat the headaches, with mixed success at best.

When I have the headache, there’s not much room for anything else. Just the throbbing, aching pain, radiating out from the jaw or the neck, sometimes the sinus, but almost always the left side. I keep trying things to get rid of the pain, but the best I can usually get is some level of ability to ignore it. Just enough distraction to keep me from screaming into a pillow.

On the other hand, I did manage to go quite a while without a headache. AND there were other rainstorms in that time period, so maybe the whole weather ache theory is bunk after all. So I should look at what I was doing in that time period, what I might have done that kept the headaches away for months at a time, and maybe what I did to bring them back.

It could have been stress, but I should have been getting more headaches during the whole pandemic crisis, right? The only other factor that might be at play is my menstrual cycle. I wonder if I could find a correlation between headaches and a coincidence of being on my period and having a storm front pass through?

I guess I’ll have to start tracking the weather…

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