I was doing just fine, but something set me off. I suppose it’s possible I do have IBS as well as mild gastroparesis. The nausea is back, and I feel like I’m not passing my poop in a timely fashion. There’s abdominal pain, in a variety of flavors, from a general ache to a needle prick poke to a cold burning and the feeling that something just isn’t right.

I have suspicions on two items that might have triggered this. I’m looking at salsa con queso and iron supplements.

In the past, I’ve had issues with taking multivitamins. Some brands would give me a stomach ache, so I bought name brands. And then I stopped spending money on vitamins because I was tired of having expensive pee. But, I donated blood for the first time in April, and I was feeling pretty tired and rundown afterwards, so my husband and I decided it might not be a bad idea to take some extra iron.

Closely coincident with the taking of the iron, I returned from a workout and suggested that we put salsa con queso on our shrimp and rice dinner. Salsa con queso is kind of cheese, but not exactly the same as cheese. And it has little bits of peppers, which include skin, aka residue. And I’m supposed to avoid residue and limit milk.

Given that, I’ll be limiting my dairy intake a bit more closely, sticking mostly to kefir and yogurt drinks.

I’ll be avoiding both iron supplements and salsa con queso until this tummy upset passes, but I do feel more confident now that it will pass. And I’m a bit excited to have found that something triggers the pain instead of it feeling completely random. Looking at the whole thing more as a puzzle or a system problem that needs troubleshooting is a lot better for my state of mind.

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