During the Open back in October, I experienced a regression. In 2018, I was able to do handstand push-ups, but here in 2019, I couldn’t get a single rep during the workout. I wanted to get myself to the point where I could do a strict handstand push-up, so I was neglecting holding onto the skill at kipping that I had somehow figured out. So it went away and was gone.

And while I was talking about that with my buddy, I mentioned how I didn’t like to do any workouts at home because I live in a studio apartment and that meant sweating up some part of my small living space. She agreed that that didn’t sound ideal.

And then I went home and decided that I was going to do the Power Abs program and I was going to do the workouts that didn’t require a pull-up bar right at home, preferably in the evenings.

I’d snagged Kari Pearce’s Power Abs program during a brief promotional period over the summer when it was offered for free. I got it for free for two reasons; number one being that I am a cheapskate, and number two being that I did not truly believe that any program, no matter how advanced and scientific and calculated, would give me a six pack in 30 days. I’ve just got too much padding, and I’m not ready to optimize my diet for fat loss. (Spoiler – I was right about that.)

I didn’t do the program when I first got it because I didn’t know where I could fit it in. I really didn’t want to work out in my apartment and get all sweaty there. It didn’t seem right to try to do it at Arbor, and I didn’t fancy going to the rec center every day for just ten minutes. I decided that doing the program would help me get over the whole not wanting to work out at home thing. And I’d also get a chance to improve my core strength. …And maybe I’d lose some fat by doing an evening workout in addition to a morning workout.

I took measurements and pictures for before and after, because there was a contest going for the best transformation. I thought about sending in my photos, but when I had gotten through the 30 days my photos didn’t really have a discernible difference. I mean, I did lose 3/4 of an inch around my waist, and I felt stronger, so something happened, but it wasn’t six pack abs.

Working out at home in the evenings was not as difficult as I’d thought it would be. Some days were harder than others, especially the ones where the workout included a set of 80 burpees. On the first day, I managed to tear up my elbows on the carpet – after that I used a blanket over the carpet to prevent such issues in the future. I mostly did the Level 1 movements, which are scaled versions of the Level 2 movements, such as knee push up instead of regular push up and bending the knees for straight legged movements.

So, I didn’t get a six pack. But that wasn’t what I set out to do. I set out to do a 30 day workout program at home and change my mindset of where and when I can exercise. I accomplished that. (And lost 3/4 of an inch off my waist.) Now I just need to figure out what to do at home next.

Yes, that waist on the right is a whole 3/4 of an inch less in circumference 🙂 

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