I accomplished 2 out of my 3 goals for January.

I got my book published. I mean, mostly published. It is now available on Amazon, but I still need to do some work to get it uploaded to Smashwords and then accepted into the premium catalog so it can be available more widely.

I did not get a YouTube video posted this month. I didn’t make the time for it, and I think the reason has to do with my current work life. I’m doing a lot of training, and while I don’t find the training difficult per se, I do find the constant social interaction draining. I mean, I do a good amount of social interaction at work normally, but this is a lot.

I will work on getting that video out by the end of February. I need to experiment a little bit to figure out my best way to get a voiceover recording into my video software. Next time I go hiking with the GoPro, I’m going to remember to introduce the hike on camera instead of having to come back and put something in post.

My last goal also got accomplished. I moved my blogs from Blogger at long last. They are now on my very own website, and I’m glad I made the move. There’s a bit of a learning curve, simply because it’s a new system, but it isn’t very steep. One interesting quirk is the schedule post feature. Not only does the calendar start with Monday when I’m used to Sunday, I have to put the time in UTC. Luckily, I schedule all my blogs for the same time, so it was easy to see what time I needed to enter. I’m getting the hang of the normal text posts, and I’m looking forward to my next picture story post.

I’ve got to get out hiking to do that. That should be the 2nd goal for February. Go hike and take both camera and GoPro, then create a video in March. And then the third goal for February can be participating in the CrossFit Open in the latter half of the month.

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