One Friday morning, I woke up to go to CrossFit at 4:30 in the morning. Well, technically, the alarm goes off at 4:27. It’s set for 4:32, but I decided to keep that particular clock 5 minutes fast. I think it kind of bugs my husband, but it helps keep me on target with waking up and going to bed. 

As is my custom, I proceeded first to the bathroom, and then, after concluding my business there and getting dressed, I sat on the couch to drink a yogurt drink so I have some fuel with which to work out. At that point, my husband was sitting next to me, and he shared an interesting tidbit with me. 

See, he had a song stuck in his head. Not all that unusual an occurrence. I had a string of days recently where AJR’s “Bang” was playing relentlessly on repeat in my head. But the weird thing, the reason he was telling me this at 4:37 in the a.m., was that the song stuck in his head was just me singing it. Not the “original” of the song, but my version. 

I thought that was cool, and I asked him if he knew which song. He gave me a reasonable rendition, with some lyrics confusion, that got me thinking which song it might be, but I wasn’t focused on it. I had to drive my butt over to CrossFit. 

And it was only when I got to the car that I realized that the song he was referring to was being sung by me in his head because it’s never been sung by anyone else. 

It was my song stuck in his head. 


Became an earworm! 

I’m delighted as all get out. Maybe I ought to record it, even if it’s acapella because I don’t yet have the guitar skills to accompany myself. Or just keep working on those guitar skills, I suppose. I wrote that particular song a long time ago, in college. Pretty much since my mom died, I’ve found my mind running to those songs I wrote, probably because I wrote them after experiencing a loss. I think they’re pretty good songs. 

And at least one of them is catchy. 

I had to do some research into my archives to find where I’d saved the entirety of the lyrics (the earworm only had one verse and chorus). I couldn’t find written up lyrics for the life of me, but I did find recordings I made and I was able to get the lyrics from those. I reached out to my dad, who has been playing guitar since he was a teen, to help me out on working out some guitar chords for the song. 

Maybe, dear reader, one day, you too will be able to listen to my favorite earworm, and get it stuck in your head. 

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