Last week I thought I wouldn’t be using pull ups for my next goal, because I promised myself that I’d work on double unders next. This was, at the time a realistic goal, because I had yet to string together more than 2 double unders in a row. But last week when double unders came up in the WOD, I knocked out an astonishing 7 when I was warming up and trying for 10. Then, during the workout, I got up to 17.

Double unders will still be a goal, but my next official goal is 5 strict pull ups. Right now, I can do 1 at a time, and repeat after a rest. I’m starting to practice kipping pull ups when the WOD calls for a higher volume, and that’s pretty fun so far. I like keeping myself in motion while holding on to the bar. My grip strength has increased so much in the last year.

Pull ups are turning out to have been a pretty good goal for overall fitness improvement. I’ve squatted my body weight for the first time this year, gotten a kipping hand stand push up and some consistent toes to bar action. I’m coming for double unders and I feel like I hardly go a week at Crossfit without doing something that I’ve never done before.

Sometimes I’ll look at the WOD for Crossfit and think to myself that there’s no way that I can do that. It seems too hard for me. Too much work, too heavy weights, too difficult movements. But I go anyway, and I discover that I can do it. I might scale things, but I do the work.

Now if I could only get over this cold, I could get down to some serious business.

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