Oh, NHL… I can deal with the NHL app trying to get me to believe that both the teams are on a power play at the same time. I can deal with trying to figure out how to get my computer to play the audio for games (or just go directly to the WGN website). I can deal with the long load times in the phone app.

But I have found my line, NHL. I have found my line, and you have crossed it.

Whenever games are going to be broadcast on NBC or NBC Sports Network, there’s a nice little icon displayed on the Scores section of the app. That’s helpful. I like it. Because I don’t have cable, and if the games are going to be on NBCSN, then I can’t watch them. I can watch them on NBC, just not through GameCenter, excuse me, NHL.tv.

And, in ye olden days of a few weeks ago, I could look on the app and also see when games were going to be broadcast on NHL Network. They even used an icon on the Scores section.

Now they do not.

And I have had the excruciating experience of looking forward to seeing my Blackhawks only to discover minutes before puck drop that the game was being broadcast on NHLN and I can’t watch it.

I understand that NHLN broadcasts games, and that, as the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, the Blackhawks will have a number of games broadcast on both NHLN and NBCSN. But for the love of Zambonis, NHL, you have to let me know when it’s going to happen. I need to prepare – set up the audio and be resigned to catching the highlights instead of live action.

I can’t take finding out at the last minute anymore. I know you know I’m out-of-market for Chicago – why else would you block any games aired on Altitude Sports?

Use an icon. Tag it in some way.

Just stop teasing me!

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