I’ve got the numbers!

Straight from architectural plans:

  • The distance around the track from the center of the middle lane is 504′-8″ 
  • The distance around from the center of the outside lane is 523′-6″ 

That comes out to 1 mile being 10.46 laps around the middle lane and 10.09 laps around the outside lane. 

Of course, that information doesn’t do me much good while I’m actually running, but as long as I record the number of laps that I run and the time in which I complete them, I can come home and calculate my actual distance and time.

With precision!

For example, on a recent run I completed 30 laps in 29 minutes and 55 seconds, which I felt was a pretty hard run. I was definitely pushing myself and, this time, rewarding myself for finishing fast by stopping before my goal time of 30 minutes.

Since I ran in the outside lane, I can now calculate that I ran 2.97 miles, which comes out to a pace of 10:04.28 minutes per mile. Not my fastest, but decent for an indoor track, non-race situation.

During that set of laps, my fastest 11 laps were run in 10 minutes and 35 seconds. 11 laps on the outside lane comes out to 1.09 miles, making my pace on that mile a speedy (for me) 9:42.57 minutes per mile.

And the 55 laps that I ran not too long ago in 56:48? That comes out to a very decent 5.45 mile run with an average pace per mile of 10:25.32 minutes.

I love math.

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