Ah, just when I think I’m safe, that the worst of the illnesses circulating around have missed me… I get sick. The unpleasant, gross kind of sick. No fever, so it’s not serious enough to go to the doctor, but I’m pretty much a coughing, snot-generating machine right now. So the progress that I hoped to make over the last week is pretty much shot. That’s okay. The publishing process can go pretty fast once I get started.

The question will be whether I want to do a printed proof or not. I find that it’s easier to find typos on a printed proof, but getting one in the mail will delay the publication of the final product. I think if I can actually get something ready by the 15th, then a printed proof will be the way to go, otherwise, for the sake of getting the book published before the end of the year, I’ll probably just do the PDF proof for typo review.

I mean, I guess I could print out the PDF, but I don’t own a printer. Hm. That might be the way to go, depending on whether I can figure out a printer to use. Maybe a printed version with just the writing and not the photos, since that will be a waste of ink since there’s no way I’d pay for printing it in color and I couldn’t really judge how the photos turned out in black and white.

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