I’ve got the proof copy of the book, and I’m glad I ordered it. It’s easier to find typos or mis-phrasings on a paper copy than it is while reading on a computer screen. Also much more satisfying to mark the paper with a pen than to use a computer program to highlight or strikethrough or whatever.

But I’m going a little more slowly on the read through than would be ideal. I’m putting the blame on the fact that I signed myself up for a Spartan race and so I’ve been focusing more on training. And the training has been wearing me out just a bit. Like to the tune of having to take a three hour nap last Sunday…

I’m also trying to watch what I eat in the hopes of losing a bit of weight before the race. I figure, the less I weigh, the easier it will be to haul my body up and over obstacles. Even a pound or two could help.

But I fully anticipate having to do a lot of burpees due to incomplete obstacles. I mean, I aim to make an attempt at all of them, but I doubt that my upper body strength is truly up to the task. So I’ll be doing penalty burpees. I’ve been advised to wear gloves for those, because the grass has stickers in it.

The new goal for having the book ready for sale is June 18th. I’ll make time for it this weekend or during the week. I probably could have done more work on it last week, but I went and had a social lunch at work on Friday instead of working on it. I’d been skipping those social lunches to do the write up of my solo trip, but that’s done now, so I went and did the social thing.

Seeing as I hadn’t been social in quite a while, that was reasonable, but now I’m going to avoid being social until this book is ready to go. Maybe I”ll get it done sooner than Monday.

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