I was planning on getting a bit more done over the weekend than I actually did.

But this time, I have an actual excuse that is sort of valid.

First, the results: I published one short story and submitted one to a paying market. I also published a short novel. It’s more than I had last week, so I will take it as a failure to success. Especially the short story, because I’ve been very hesitant to self publish short stories. Okay, the short novel was a triumph too, since it’s a story that I’ve been writing for years and only wrapped up this last May.

I would have spent more time at my computer desk, but I rolled my ankle while running at crossfit on Saturday and felt it was better to keep the thing elevated as much as possible through the first 48 hours post injury. My new desk chair has many advantages, but it isn’t possible to comfortably sit in it with an elevated foot.

My focus now will be to continue to put up those short stories that I can’t figure out a market to submit to and get back on to writing my solo book and the Chamberlain Basin guidebook that Ambrose wants done.

I’m actually a little bit down after rolling my ankle. I’m worried that I won’t be able to do my backpacking trip next week, and maybe even miss my big hike for the eclipse. It is so frustrating not to be exercising at the level that I was. I know it’s in a good cause. I know that rest now will enable me to keep going later. But I just want to go out and get sweaty! And not from crutching my way down the hallway at work.

I guess this will just help me get my butt at the writing desk, since I can’t channel my energy towards hard core workouts that leave me exhausted (but in that good way).

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