Well, I didn’t get my 3 runs in last week like I hoped. But I did get 2 runs, so I’m going to call that a win. It was very rainy over the weekend, which precluded any trail running for me. And I still wasn’t feeling 100%, so I actually took some steps to take care of myself, crazy, right? 

Instead of being tired all weekend, I chose to go to bed super early and sleep until I woke up. That worked out really well; I got a lot of sleep, and my husband didn’t have to starve on Sunday morning until I woke up and made him his omelet (pickled jalapeƱo and cream cheese filled, pepper cheddar coated, dash of guac on the side). 

I have managed to keep up with Power Abs, even though it was a bit challenging this week. Not specifically the Power Abs workout, because I’ve done those before, but the combination of the at home CrossFit workout I did Monday with the Power Abs Tuesday was a doozy. On Monday, the substitute for running 800 meters was 50 burpees. And I got to do that 3 times for a grand total of 150 burpees. Not my favorite, but the Power Abs Tuesday was the burpee heavy one, where it’s almost max reps burpees in 10 minutes, but with a few reps of one other exercise tossed in. I ended up doing 98 burpees on Tuesday. 

That’s way too many burpees, as my body’s soreness can attest. 

Over halfway through November, and I am starting to feel the results of having some consistency in my exercise again. My body is sore, but also ready. And Boise is doing a bit of a tour of the seasons, allowing me to run yesterday in mid-60 degree weather, which, with cloud cover, is nearly the perfect temperature for running outside. 

I’m thinking of doing another cycle of Power Abs after I finish this one; maybe two more. I could do a hybrid of level 1 and level 2 next month, and then try for all level 2 in the new year. I like having a goal that I can discipline myself to achieve, exercise-wise. 

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