November is not off to a great start for me, fitness wise. I’ve got a head cold that just wants to linger instead of going away, and so I’ve been mostly avoiding CrossFit so as not to spread those germs. I didn’t run at all last week, and I just barely ran yesterday. 

The run yesterday felt alright once I got going, but I did not at all want to start. I actually had to scheme myself into running. Yesterday was voting day, so I got dressed to run, then my husband drove us to vote. From the polling place, I ran home while he drove. 

I only went about a mile and a quarter, but it still felt good to get out and move. My pace wasn’t too bad, under 13 minute mile pace for the first mile. My right leg ITB area did start to complain, but that was expected after a running hiatus. 

I’m feeling very impatient with this head cold. I want it to be over NOW so I can work my fitness. But I’ll settle for it going away before I go visit family later this month. I definitely don’t want to bring illness into my brother’s home. I know it’s going to pass, but it can’t be soon enough for me. I want to go hike in the foothills and run up Table Rock, gosh darn it! 

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