For reasons beyond my control, I could not do a solo trip this year. In order to continue to put out a Hike with Me book this year, I’m going to use the coast hike. These entries will be shorter than normal, because the full story will be published this winter.

Good morning, mist. 

This was the fastest that I’ve ever gotten up and gotten packed. A dry camp is a powerful motivator.

Bucket included.

We found water!

A nice little camp. 

It was time to take a day of rest and allow ourselves to enjoy the beach.

Listen closely, and hear the chorus of sea lions: arw? arw? arw? arw?

I did a day hike, so, technically, I went farther than Ambrose did.

A view I didn’t share with Ambrose. 

The Osett Memorial. 

The day passed in watching the tides and seeing the sun set into the ocean.

Watching the sun set. 

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