For reasons beyond my control, I could not do a solo trip this year. In order to continue to put out a Hike with Me book this year, I’m going to use the coast hike. These entries will be shorter than normal, because the full story will be published this winter.

The last day is the hardest day. Sure, the packs weigh less because of all the food we’ve eaten, but taking our last steps on the beach we didn’t want to leave was a heavy proposition.

View from the campsite. 

I got to sleep in this last morning, the only night we actually camped on the sand.

Out tent was nestled on the sand here, above the high tide line. 

Though none of the days of our trip were really rainy, this one was the sunniest. 

Ambrose getting water. 

After we made it past the rocks between Chilean Memorial and the Hole in the Wall, people were everywhere. 

To the left, a hoard of school children were taking advantage of the low tide to frolic on the rocks. To the right, campers and day hikers crowded the beach. 

I wanted to hurry to the bathroom at the trailhead, but I also wanted to stay with Ambrose, despite his slower pace. We started the trip together, and that’s how we finished it.

Bathroom in sight… almost. 

It was a relief, in some ways, to finish the trip. The hike was difficult; the learning curve steep.  Not to mention we were just about out of food. 

Bathroom definitely in sight now. 

The ocean calls me back. 

This video is from when we waited for the tide on day 5.

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