We started from Norwegian Memorial and went on to the hardest five miles of the coast, full of rocks and seaweed covered rocks, and wet rocks, and more rocks. There was time to press on when we reached Yellow Bank, but we chose to wait out the tide up at the platform. The sun came out as we waited and then we made our way through the hole tunnel, cut through Sand Point and made our way over to Cape Alava for the night. 
Good misty morning Olympic Coast!

I had no idea there were raccoon living on the beach. Glad we have bear canisters to protect our food.

Some of the many rocks between Norwegian and Yellow Bank.

The woodpecker pecked silently in the damp wood.

Ambrose and Bill navigating yet more rocks with a side of seaweed.

The platform now has a hammock! I call it an improvement over the swings.

Ambrose heading up the tunnel.

Yeah. That’s a bear. Right above the white tree stump.
We were going to walk around Wedding Rocks, but then Ambrose decided we should climb up. Bill got sassy.

Deer chilling at Cape Alava. There were some grouse hanging around too, but we only saw them once we were camped and I didn’t have the camera handy.

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