This was the day we were to make it to Shi Shi Beach. This was the day when we would go farther than we ever had before in order to make it. Ambrose and I knew that we had both improved our fitness levels and that this time, with the experience of ocean hiking we would make it – barring an uncrossable Ozette River.

Good morning, Cape Alava!

Another misty morning as we made our way to the river crossing at low tide. 

It was a good time to cross the river; no more than knee high on me and the tide almost completely out. 

The river’s guardian.

Then it got a little rough.

And we decided to stop on the rocks to wait out the tide. 

This was my view while we waited out the tide. Note my patent pending sock drying method on the right. Nothing really dries out there, but the sunshine did help.

We continued around the rocks as soon as we could. Bill asked what would happen if we started early. The question confused me. What would happen? We would stop and wait at a new place instead of the current place, of course.

View from one of the required headland trails on the way to Shi Shi (there are several). 

We made it to Shi Shi! And before nightfall. 

For the first night on this trip, I stayed up to watch the sunset. 

We camped on the beach since all the non-beach camping spots were taken. We had our fingers crossed about the high tide. It was definitely a good thing that the next day was a rest day.

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