On the 7th day we traveled a rather short distance from Cape Alava to Yellow Bank. When we woke in the morning, it was the driest it had been the entire trip; there was no moisture on our tents at all. The plan was that Ambrose would go back the same way we came, cutting through the campsites at Sand Point rather than going around the point. Bill and I would go around and climb Sand Point since neither of us had done that before (Ambrose hadn’t either, but he didn’t care to). 

At Yellow Bank, we found an incredible number of starfish, and then claimed a campsite that wasn’t exactly well set up for tents. Bill led us in a little beach yoga, and then we spent the day watching the tide rise and fall and trying not to get burned in the surprisingly hot sun. 
Ambrose and I chose to cowboy camp on a pile of boards. He woke me in the middle of the night because there was moisture all over our sleeping bags. I had to wake up and shake my sleeping bag off; then Ambrose covered us with our tent as a moisture barrier. The stars at that moment were brilliantly bright, burning sharp in the blackness of the sky, the most intense I have ever seen stars. I wanted to stay up and watch them, but the next day would be another early morning and our longest day yet.

Dawn at Cape Alava.

Another tree problem to get through.

One of the biggest crabs I saw – still not as big as my palm. 

Ambrose coming up an overland trail near Wedding Rocks.

Near Sand Point, some people have a lot of time to play with driftwood.

The view south from the top of Sand Point.

Me, on Sand Point, pointing north.

One of the best sights to see on the trail – a pit toilet!

The most gorgeous purple on a starfish.

Starfish and sea anenomes.

There were a whole lot of starfish.

Selfie with Ambrose.

High tide brought the waves pretty close to our camp.

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