We had to start early again on this day, because we would only have one good tide interval in which to hike. If we didn’t make the Chilean Memorial by about 2 pm, then we wouldn’t be able to move from where we stopped until around 8 pm. So we got up at 4:30 am again and headed out around 5:30 am. The hardest part came first – the five miles between Yellow Bank and Norwegian Memorial that have been described as the hardest section on this trail. 

It was hard, but we had been there before and our packs had grown lighter since the last time we traversed it. We all put our heads down and hiked as fast as we safely could. Maybe a bit faster since I fell once and I think Bill did as well. Ambrose took it more slowly, but didn’t fall this time. 
After that section, we had good beach to traverse – wet sand, firm footing. The tide was rising, but not too quickly. We walked through heavy mists past Cedar Creek and encountered a pair of rangers trying to clean graffiti off of a rock. 
After we made it past the required overland trail, it wasn’t too long before we came to the alcove where we had passed the tide on the second day. Ambrose wanted to stop. Bill seemed to be willing to stop if that’s what we wanted. 
I didn’t want to stop. 
It wasn’t even 1 pm. We had time. So I made the decision for the group. We would go on. 
Ambrose grumbled, but he made it to Chilean before high tide and we spent the whole afternoon at the place we were camping, which I thought was delightful. I think Ambrose didn’t mind it  much either, once he got a chance to rest a bit.

Looking north in the morning on the way south away from Yellow Bank. 

I have no idea why someone would leave their boots out here…

Ambrose cutting across rocks rather than going around on the beach.

This seaweed made a little popping sound when you stepped on it. 

We made it to Norwegian!

The mists really liked gathering above the trees.

Heading towards Cedar Creek.

I was walking ahead, scouting the route. Ambrose and Bill were behind, in the mist.

Ambrose coming down the overland trail.

A crown of cloud over some sea stacks.

Ambrose grudgingly hiking on to Chilean.

By the time we got there, Bill had already set up his tent in a nice spot.

We got a nice spot for our tent as well, with a good pole for drying things.

Bill didn’t mind that I used the swing in front of his tent.

Sunset on Chilean.

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