With winter in full swing, my husband and I are planning next year’s backpacking trips. We’ve got several Idaho trips in the works, including my next solo that will connect the segments of the Idaho Centennial Trail that I’ve hiked so far. We’re also planning another trip to Washington’s coast.

This time, my husband is determined not to cut the trip short. He wants to make it to Shi Shi and back from Rialto beach. I think that we’ll be able to do it, now that we have an idea of what we’ll need to be doing to get that done. But the biggest factor for that trip is going to be preparation. We both have to be physically ready to make the journey, and that means Ambrose is working on his walking speed.

I have no doubts that I could make that trip, because I managed a couple of 25 mile days this past spring. He needs to work on conditioning until he can do packless walks close to 3 miles per hour, and pack on walks at a nice consistent 2 mph. He’s working on it, and it’s my job to see that he sticks with it.

I’ve got to get him running, too, but first we need to get him some new running shoes. His birthday’s coming up, so maybe we’ll get them then. I hope so, because he needs the speed.

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